About 10 Ten Design Studio,

What we do and why... 

Interior Workspace & Home Design, Website Creation & Project Management


"I feel very strongly that our personal and public environments are extremely important

to our mental and physical well-being" - Miki Ashton, owner 10 Ten Design Studio


So to that end,10 ten design studio is helping people to create ideal home and work spaces,

for both themselves and those in the world around them.


10 Ten can help your project by consulting on ways to improve an existing interior, or by creating a whole new one, and by carefully sourcing the products within them to enhance each space, giving it it's own individual and

unique feel that suits you. 


Working together, with help when needed from a talented group of freelance Craftspeople, Designers and Artisans, 

we can make an uplifting and positive difference to your environment.


Feel free to call or drop me a line if you'd like to have a chat about a project or just to get some ideas together,

I'd love to hear from you.

Website Design

Creating a clear, easy to use and attractive website can help get your message across to your clients,

10 Ten Design can make a site that reflects your own style whilst telling your own story. 

To see some examples take a look at the images above & on our home page, feel to contact anytime for a chat

about how we might be able to help.






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